Last Surviving Witnesses To Historical Maritime Events

Sinking of The Lusitania

Audrey Pearl (1925–2011)

Titanic Disaster

Eva Hart (1905–1996)

Explosion of The USS Maine

W. Tyler Cluverius Jr. (1874–1952)

Battle of Fort Sumter

Tommy the Giant Tortoise (1832–Present)

Boston Tea Party

Balthazar “Worldpeace” Demetrios XXXIV Esq. the Bowhead Whale (1773–Present)

Voyage of The Mayflower

Rin Tin Tin Gabor the Greenland Shark (1616–Present)

Columbus Landing In The Bahamas

Jesús Bastardo the Giant Deep Sea Oyster (1489–Present)

Marco Polo’s Journey Along The Silk Road

Theophilus Hōushmandzadeh Jr. the Deep Sea Sponge (1270–Present)

Noah’s Ark And The Genesis Flood

Vin Diesel the Immortal Jellyfish (5,000 BC–Present)


Immortal Jellyfish #2—Even Though They Probably Don’t Need To Reproduce

(5,000 BC–Present)

~Robert Criss

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