For most of the day today, my Wi-Fi has been down. I phoned my internet provider and was left waiting on hold. To my surprise, the hold music was, well, actually a really good song. Not horribly annoying like they usually are. 

Someone then answered my call and asked if they could help, and I said, “Yes please, I’m looking to find out the name of the hold song.”

  1. I want to build a natural tolerance to germs.
  2. Most hand soap smells and/or tastes bad.
  3. It’s good to have an “It Factor.”
  4. Getting hands completely dry is hard and I was tired of my boss asking if my hands were ‘clean wet’ when he of all people should know that urine is sterile.
  5. I think lice or mice or something similar gravitate towards clean spaces?
  6. My parents are proud that I finally found something I could do without quitting.