Sarah Totton

Feed a wolf, gain a friend.

Feed a wolf a friend, lose that friend, but also gain a wolf-friend.

Break even on friends.


Feed a wolf the wolf that you fed your friend to, lose that wolf-friend (and the friend inside the first wolf), but gain a friend in the form of the second wolf.

Net friend gain: -1


Eat that second wolf, gain a friend (second wolf), a friend within a friend (first wolf-friend), and a friend within a friend within a friend.

Net friends: 3


Eat a wolf, make some friends.

Duck milk: Because she’s worth it. 

Duck milk: The only milk you need.

Duck milk: A party in your cereal. A revolution in your mouth.

Duck milk: For strong bones and beaks. 

Got duck? 

Everybody loves duck milk. Is this amazing or is this amazing?

Everyday they’re out there making duck milk! Woo-oo!

Venice. Zurich. Paris. Duck milk.

Got a match? Game, set, duck milk.

Duck milk: The other white milk.