Michael Pershan

Michael Pershan is a teacher, writer and murderer. His debut murder, of former best friend and personal trainer Danny, was named Best New Murder by the New York Police Department. His current murder is the first in a planned trilogy. There were also prequels, you’ll never find the bodies. He lives with his family and children in New York City.

1.    Write down your Social Security Number.

2.    Add 6 to that number.

3.    Now multiply the result by 2.

4.    Divide by 2.

5.    Subtract 3.

6.    Read me the result.

7.    Now I have your Social Security Number. Haha.

8.    Well, maybe you should have paid better attention in math class.

9.    Nope, not a crime. Some lawyer you are.

10.  Wait it is a crime?

11.  What crime?

12.  Fraud?!

13.  They can’t send me to prison for doing math.

14.  They can?!!

15.  One last thing.

16.  Pick a number.

17.  Triple it.

18.  Add 6.

19.  Divide by 3.

20.  Subtract your original number.

21.  Turn around and close your eyes.

22.  [Runs away]