Lucas Gardner

The scariest roller coaster I’ve ever been on has got to be the Kingda Ka coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. It reaches a speed of 128 mph, with a 418 foot drop – it feels like you’re falling forever! And then afterwards you realize that, while you were enjoying the roller coaster, your children wandered off somewhere.

6:43 a.m.: Going on my first whale watching expedition today. Very excited to catch a glimpse of one of the world’s most majestic creatures! Will be keeping a detailed log of the adventure. 
7:45 a.m.: Setting sail now. Our guide says conditions are pretty good for a sighting. Here we go!
9:23 a.m.: Nothing yet
12:01 p.m.: Think we see one! Going in for a closer look. Exciting!!!
12:10 p.m.: False alarm
1:27 p.m.: Think we see one!
1:30 p.m.: Nevermind
2:55 p.m.: Heading home