About us.

251 is a daily humor publication dedicated to publishing prose 251 words or shorter, and cartoons that don’t take longer than four seconds to figure out. 

We are a product of The American Bystander, America’s final humor magazineEach quarterly issue features new material from Jack Handey, Roz Chast, Liana Finck, Simon Rich, and many, many more. Please support 251 by subscribing to The American Bystander here, or by mailing us the location of your buried treasure here.

If you’re interested in submitting to 251, please follow our submission guidelines. We encourage anyone and everyone to submit, even if your parents told you that you should stop doing this and focus on studying for the LSAT instead. 

We hope you enjoy reading. All comments, questions, concerns, and threats should be directed to the editors. (You can also write Mike, but he gets an ungodly amount of email.)

Michael Pershan
Editor, 251


251 is lovingly overlooked by
Michael Gerber 

Editor & Publisher, The American Bystander