Hannibal Lecter Tries to Explain the Human Shaped Cage in His House

It’s for my human shaped dog

It’s actually even better for your back than sleeping on the floor

It came with the house

It was my grandmother’s

It was my grandmother’s for her human shaped dog

It looked so different when I saw it on Etsy

I’m gothpunk and it’s not a cage, it’s my favorite t-shirt

Doctor’s orders

I moonlight as an escape artist

It’s to scare away owls

I guess this is why they tell you to make a wedding registry

Someone’s trying to frame me

Someone’s trying to frame me for stealing their human shaped dog

It’s a Banksy

It was Banksy’s for his human shaped dog

Sorry the house is a mess

It’s a conversation starter

This is where the paperclip challenge led me

It’s In Yer Face Theatre

What cage?

That can’t fit a human!

Why don’t you get in and see for yourself…

It’s a sex thing

It’s a sex thing but it doesn’t have anything to do with my human shaped dog, that’s a different cage

It increases the property value

I rent it out to help with the mortgage

I rent it out to human shaped dogs to help with the mortgage

It was supposed to be an IKEA couch but I was missing some pieces

It’s not a sex thing

It’s not a sex thing, that’s a different cage

I eat human shaped dogs and need a place to put them

Fine, I put people in there before I eat them.  Happy?!

~Sophie Cohen, Kai Nelson, & William Herff

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