Toddler TikTok Tips from Hollywood’s Top Animal Wranglers

The top animal wranglers in Tinsel Town suggest these ways of showing off your child’s inner star quality on TikTok:

  • Rub their gums with peanut butter and you can dub in dialog. (Check for allergies first—you might end up with multiple priceless Toks AND big medical bills.)
  • Low electric currents, which pediatricians have assured us cause no lasting damage, can greatly enhance most dancing videos. Keep those feet moving!
  • Repetition and reinforcement are key. Start your toddlers using power tools early, and reward them with sugar cubes.
  • Creatures of all kinds respond well to treats, but not if they have just finished a meal. A hungry toddler is a responsive toddler.
  • Use fishing line to move their hands and feet, which TikTok lets you easily edit out.

~James Finn Garner

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