Magazines I Would Read

Dog Trick Review

Simpsons Quoter

Easy Puzzles

Parachute Pant Enthusiast

Pictures of Ribs

Monkeys in People Clothes

Tracksuits of Europe

Pepperoni Eater

Chutes and Ladders Strategy


Wrapped in Bacon

Lion Tamer Digest

Mustache Admirer

Meth Dealer

VCR Purist

Frozen Dinner Quarterly

Bad Teeth Magazine

Rich People Looking Sad

Rude A-hole

Money Borrower

Who Farted.

Candy Corn Weekly

Got-your-nose Illustrated

Bocce Spectator


The Helen Hunt Stalker

Profanity Weekly

Nap Enthusiast

The Bi-Annual Popsicle Peeper

Bowel Movement Illustrated

The New York Times Review of Oreos

Lonely Weirdo

New England Commercial Real Estate Connoisseur – For Kids!

Bidet Time


Capybaras On Every Page

Not People

~Gregg Maxwell Parker

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