Matt Gaetz’s Dating Profile

Name: Matt Gaetz

Height: Do you like tall guys haha

Education: Best of the best lol

Looking for: Sex, drugs, rock and roll! Lmao

Drugs: Haha, I already said, but yea, I’m into drugs lol—we do need to cut Medicaid though—lmao what? No it’s just so loud in here. Do you wannt to comee back to my plce? It’s a short uber. I’m “Florida rich” lmao. No but we should head out. How old are you? LOL obviously doesn’t matter but I just like to check lol you know how it is. In DC. That’s how things are in DC. LMAO, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, have you ever thought about modeling?

~Michael Lodato

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