Worst Responses in a Job Interview to “Tell Me About Yourself”

  • I’m not sure what to say.
  • Can you remind me which position this is for?
  • I like to think of myself as a cat parent above all.
  • I’ve been having difficulty holding a job, so I’m very motivated for this to work out.
  • It should all be there on my resume.
  • Before we start, I should tell you that I need to be back home by 3 o’clock to feed my cats.
  • I’m nice.
  • Sorry, one of my cats chewed up my notes.
  • If the job requires a high tolerance for odors, I am your ideal candidate.
  • Do you do background checks?
  • I need to make money, fast.
  • Do you do background checks with local animal shelters?
  • You may already be familiar with me from a story on WVPK News last fall regarding animal welfare.
  • I’m an individual. I tend to go against the system, which usually works out well as I discover new and better ways to do things. For instance, common wisdom and state law will tell you that one person cannot care for more than a dozen cats at a time. I was willing to challenge that notion and was able to successfully implement the housing and feeding of over 60 cats in a single-story home. With funding, I’m confident I could increase that number exponentially.
  • What do you want to know?
  • This one on my lap is Muffin. The orange guy playing with your shoelaces is Calvin. I think Scrambles is under the copier. He’s shy.

~Kyle Duggan

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