Football Players Replaced by ChatGPT for Post-Win Interviews, No One Notices

REPORTER: Congratulations on the big win today! Can you take us through your thoughts during the game?

ChatGPT: Thank you! I just kept focused on executing our game plan and playing as a team. I trusted my preparation and stayed mentally strong.

REPORTER: Your performance was outstanding. What do you credit for your success on the field today?
ChatGPT: It starts with the hard work and dedication I put in every day at practice. My coaches and teammates also push me to be better and hold me accountable.

REPORTER: Your coach mentioned the team’s determination to win. Can you speak to that?
ChatGPT: Definitely. We have a tight-knit group and everyone was fully committed to getting the victory. We have each other’s backs and that makes all the difference on the field.

REPORTER: Lastly, what message do you have for your fans after this big win?
ChatGPT: Just to say thank you for their support and to always believe in the team. We couldn’t have done it without them.

~T. Kent Jones

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