Television Mobsters End a Phone Conversation

FRANKIE: You got my word. He’s gonna wish he was never born.

SALVATORE: Good. Call me back when it’s done.

FRANKIE: You got it, boss. Goodbye.

SALVATORE: Good what now?

FRANKIE: I said, ‘Goodbye.’

SALVATORE: What’re you sayin’ to me?

FRANKIE: Goodbye. Like, see ya, talk to ya later. You know, ‘goodbye’.

SALVATORE: I didn’t understand a single word that just came out your mouth.

FRANKIE: How you don’t understand ‘goodbye?’

SALVATORE: Hey, be careful what you say now.

FRANKIE: Woah, I mean no disrespect, Sal. I just mean to say, like, it’s a common way to end phone calls.

SALVATORE: Oh, now he’s callin’ me stupid.

FRANKIE: Hey, hey. I’m just surprised is all.

SALVATORE: I never heard no goodbye before. You never once said goodbye to me before.

FRANKIE: I know and every time I felt guilty about it. It’s rude, Sal.

SALVATORE: You know what’s rude? Assuming everybody and their mother knows some latin word like that.

FRANKIE: I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry.

SALVATORE: How about you just get the job done. Capiche?

Frankie: All right. You got it.

(Frankie hangs up)

SALVATORE: Listen, don’t be doing nothing like this again. You hear me?


SALVATORE: Frankie, you there?

~Julien Perez

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