No Bad Ideas

Was it a bad idea to travel unarmed to a mysterious valley where dinosaurs are still alive?1 Some would say “yes.”2 Others would firmly answer “no.”3 The choice to go was4 difficult, but ultimately, I made the correct5 decision and set out on my own6 with no supplies,7 confident it would work out.8 Things were difficult at first9 as I braved the elements, but I knew it would be10 worth it. I am writing this on a napkin in a Dunkin’ Donuts because I got lost immediately and I don’t have my phone anymore.11 I’m cold12 and I think the cashier is a dimetrodon.13

¹ Yes.

² They would be correct.

³ They would quickly be eaten.

⁴ Shouldn’t have been.

⁵ Incorrect.

⁶ Could have at least brought people.

⁷ Wait. Why?

⁸ You know what I’m going to say.

⁹ And second.

¹⁰ Wouldn’t be.

¹¹ Hang on. I’ll pick you up.

¹² I’ll bring your jacket.

¹³ This is exactly what I warned you about.

~Anthony Scibelli

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