The King of Atlantis Learns About Climate Change

—Your highness, I have some troubling news.

—(With resolve.) The underwater pyramids must be built.

—No, my lord. It’s the ice caps. The ice caps are melting.

—Is that an issue? Melted ice is just water. 

—It’s more complicated than that…

—We can make taller pyramids, glorious obelisks, enormous surface-scrapers! Are you taking notes?

—Sir, the ocean’s temperature is rising.

—At last! We can finally get rid of these damn seashells covering our groins.

—Those…are not there to keep us warm.

—Funny servant!

—My lord, a warmer ocean will kill hundreds of species.

—Including our allies the dolphins?

—…not right away. 

—What are you so worried about?

—Everything! Ocean acidification, coral bleaching, fish migrations. 

—And what happens if I just ignore all this?

—We will go extinct within 100 years.

– That calls for immediate action!

—Yes. Yes sir!

—We need more underwater pyramids, before we’re out of time.


—Well don’t just stand there. Do something!

~Luís Leal Miranda

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