FAQ: How to Police a Lawful Protest

What is a lawful protest?

Those are your typical free speech, anti-vax, or gun rights gatherings. Sure, sometimes neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and bigoted Christians show up, but it’s our job as officers of the peace to protect their first amendment rights.

What is an unlawful protest?

A group of radicals whining about police brutality, abortion rights, and racism.

A protest was just deemed unlawful. What happens next?

The protestors are now rioters. Your job now is to prevent further violence. Use any force necessary.

What if media personnel are mixed in with the protestors?

Assume everyone is a rioter and go from there.

What if a protestor gets hurt?

Who gives a fuck? They signed up for this.

What if an officer gets hurt?

Hunt the offender down and beat the ever-living shit out of them.

What if medics are providing medical support to injured protestors — should I assist them?

Are you some sort of pussy?

What if I’m afraid for my safety?

You will be afraid for your safety.

What if my kids ask why they saw their father beat an elderly woman in the street?

You tell them, “Daddy was afraid for his life.”

What if someone is using their voice in an aggressive manner?

You are a victim of assault. Fucking beat their ass.

How do I de-escalate a potentially violent situation?

I don’t understand the question.

~Julien Perez

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