Headlines from an overtly skewed newspaper during a small town mayoral race.

Republican Candidate Doyle Wright Wows Supporters With His Six Pack Abs

Wife of Dem. Candidate Mike Tovar Reportedly Walked Out of ‘American Sniper’

“Liberals Want Your Daughter Hooked on Korean Dramas” Says Republican Candidate Doyle Wright

Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow Today. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for Mike Tovar

Opinion: Say Goodbye to English, Mike Tovar Will Force All Students To Speak Roman Era Latin

Doyle Wright Jr. Son of Doyle Wright Announces His Intention To Join the Military When He Turns 18

Heartwarming: Doyle Wright Jr. Turns 2!

Did Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez Endorses Dem. Candidate Mike Tovar?

Meet Madison Wright. She’s the Wife of Rep. Candidate Doyle Wright and She’s Pretty Badass

Did Mike Tovar Kill Jon Bonet Ramsey? Some Facebook Users Think So

Doyle Wright: “I’m Budweiser and My Opponent Is One of Those Woman Seltzer Drinks”

Wife of Mike Tovar Is Caught Buying Crystals

Democrat Mike Tovar Wins Mayoral Bid Against Republican Doyle Wright in Suspicious Upset

Mike Tovar Refused To Drink Alcohol During Election Night Celebration. Is He an Addict?

The Editorial Board: Election Integrity Is More Important Now Than Ever Before Which Is Why We Believe Mike Tovar Should Concede

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