FAQ’s about life.

We’re glad that you are considering Life. Before you decide if Life is right for you, please check out some of our FAQ’s.
What is Life?
The period of time between when you are born and when you die.
When am I born?
When you are born.
What happens in Life?
Problems, jumping, books, learning the disappearing thumb trick thing, hearing the song “Love Shack” at a wedding and getting surprisingly into it, shampoo, etc.
What do you have to do to continue being alive?
Simply don’t die.
Oh. So Life is easy?
No, it is the hardest thing you will ever do.
Do twins count as one person or two?
What else happens in Life?
Darts, water, cocaine, math, Wendy’s, blinking, YouTube trampoline fails, secrets, etc.
What should I do if I accidentally put my AirPods in the washer?
Remove AirPods from case. Do not plug in within at least 12 hours of exposure to water.
What is the meaning of Life?
Does anything else happen in Life that you didn’t previously mention?
Raisins, power, getting coffee with your cousin, blankets, tragedies, rice pilaf, etc.
When is Life over?

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