On The Spot News: Bringing you closer to the news!

At On the Spot News, we bring you closer to every story. Other stations promise detailed coverage, but no one delivers like we do! On The Spot News: As Close As Local Feels!

On The Spot’s news-chopper chases down the stories you need to see. Our pilot flies lower than 500 feet, so if a local politician or star wrestler is being buffeted by helicopter rotors, you know you’re watching On The Spot News: Wow! This Is Almost Too Close! 

Our news team gets up close and personal. Evasive politician? We’ll grab them by the lapels and demand answers! Wrestling champ in danger of losing their title? We’ll make him run drills live on air! We show everyone we interview that we have a butterfly knife and know how to use it! On The Spot News: You Weren’t Kidding About Close!

Wherever the news is, we’re there too! We’ve hidden dozens of cameras so that we can bring you intimate and overwhelming coverage. We take you inside the courtrooms, town council chambers, and varsity wrestling locker rooms that other news networks legally can’t! On The Spot News: Closer Than Ethics!

When it comes to important trials, nothing beats being there in real-time. That’s why we’ll stop at nothing to bring you into the backrooms of our shocking ethical and legal troubles. We fear neither lawyer, nor judge, nor God Himself! We’re On The Spot News: We Got Too Close & Are Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory!

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