A hot dog vendor in a parallel universe where sausages haven’t been invented yet.

– Long buns! Who wants long buns? Come and try my lukewarm long buns!

– Hello. I see you’re selling long buns. But how long?

– Quite long.

– The size of a baguette?

– Smaller than a baguette.

– The size of a bread roll?

– Bigger than a bread roll. Wanna try one? My long buns are delicious.

– Yes, I’m interested.

– I made a cut along the side so you can enjoy it better.

– That means I can open it and close it as much as I want?

– Precisely.

– Is there any other use for this slot?

– Nothing ever occurred to me.

– It seems to have the perfect size to fit a raw carrot.

– Or even two halves of a raw carrot.

– Maybe a sixth of half a dozen carrots could also fit in here. Am I right?

– Yes, you’re right. Do you want one? A long bun for the road?

– No thanks, I’m full.

– Oh…

– I just ate a big plate of minced pork, with a side of cleaned pork intestines.

– That’s the most efficient way to use the leftovers.

– It’s the best!

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