How presidents voted in their own election.

I voted for myself.- George Washington

I voted, and you can quote me on this, for myself. – Ulysses S. Grant

I voted for myself. – Grover Cleveland

While I don’t recall exactly, I probably voted for myself. – Andrew Johnson

Thought about voting for my opponent but then I didn’t. Voted for myself, instead.– John F. Kennedy

Myself.- Andrew Jackson

Did you know I’m from Georgia? I voted for myself. – Jimmy Carter

I did not not vote for myself. – Bill Clinton

Voted for myself and then went to the pharmacy for an Egg Cream. – Chester A. Arthur

Voted for myself. Twice.- Richard Nixon

I voted for myself. Thank you for asking. – Herbert Hoover

Voted for myself. – Warren G. Harding

Yes, I did cast a ballot in the 1857 election, and the ballot I cast, and keep in mind there was more than one candidate, was for myself. – James Buchanan

Myself. – James K. Polk

Myself. – Millard Fillmore

Myself. – Woodrow Wilson

My good friend James “Fuck Master” Monroe. – Joe Biden

Voted for myself. – Theodore Roosevelt

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