Pet worm troubles.

11:03 PM
My pet worm just died. I told him not to fight the dog. He wouldn’t listen.

11:15 PM
I attached a paper-clip to the worm and threw him up on the roof. Hopefully lightning strikes and he comes back to life.

11:45 PM
The worm is alive!

11:46 PM
This was a bad idea. The worm is getting angry.

11:47 PM
The worm has taken over the house. I’m stuck in the driveway. firefighters are on the way.

12:00 AM
The firefighters have joined the worm’s cause. They fell victim to his charm and good looks.

12:10 AM
The worm has gotten a little dictator costume with tassels on the shoulder pads.

1:00 AM
I have recruited other worms. We’re going in for a coup d’etat.

1:05 AM
We got the house back but a couple of worms didn’t make it. I’m thinking of reviving a few of them.

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