Creationism: a lost transcript.

Stick insect:   “Is that it? Am I complete?”

God:               “Yes, you’re perfect.”

Stick insect:   “What do I do exactly?”

God:               “You walk about slowly, and if you see any predators you stay still.”

Stick insect:   “So they think I’m a stick?”

God:               “Yes.”

Stick insect:   “What else do I do?”

God:               “Well, that’s kind of it really.”

Stick insect:   “I just look like a stick and act like a stick?”

God:               “Yes.”

Stick insect:   “So, I’m basically a stick that lives in constant fear of being eaten?”

God:               “Yes, but if you do find a female, you’ll have sex for weeks.”

Stick insect:   “Really? That’s awesome!”

God:               “You’re welcome.”

Stick insect:   “And what does one of these sexy ladies look like?”

God:               “A stick.”

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