Seven super fun (and oddly omniscient) name generator games!

Your Teacup Pig Name! 

Madam + Favorite Disney character + Von Oink + Last three letters of your last name!

Your Rapper Name! 

Lil’ + Your high school mascot + Name of your favorite childhood stuffed animal +The + Adjective that you call yourself when you’re in a particularly depressed state!

Your Fantasy Character Name! 

Sorceress + Street name of the home you were living in when you first realized your parents were just flawed human beings doing their best, but spelled backwards! + Daughter of + Name of the man you fantasize about while having sex with your husband + Of the + Geographical feature you find most erotic!

Your Stripper Name!

Your favorite kids show to make out to + The name of the man you cheated on your husband with + Your fave spicy food!

Your Secret Agent Name!

Agent + Part of the body Johnny touched when he told you, “I can’t do this anymore, we’re married to other people” + Your fave Pokemon character + 007!

Your Robot Name!

Android + Type of plant that’s on your divorce attorney’s desk + Pet name Johnny has for his wife that he called you by accident and things were never the same again + Flavor of cough drop that you almost shoplifted from CVS at age 7, but you chickened out, which was the first time you were afraid to take a risk + Calories in the KFC you just ate to cope with your feelings + BEEP BOOP!!

Your Farmer Name!

Farmer + Your Name + E-I-E-I-O!

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