The best characters in ‘1984,’ according to a Republican congressman.

  • Well, there’s… hm. I mean, the main guy is good, I think? Or he might actually be bad. Yeah, now that I think about it he was bad. So not him.
  • Um, I think I remember that guy’s boss was sort of doing things that were, I think, sort of maybe like politics today? So I like to read about him because it is interesting in comparison to, uh, I guess today’s politics? Does that make sense? 
  • I can’t get the words “street urchin” out of my head. There’s one of those in the book, right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure there is. I like him. He’s… he’s a very honest character. He says some things I still think about. But, um, I can’t say them now, of course, because… because I’d get too emotional. 
  • I remember thinking the chick was hot.
  • Oh! I remember someone named O’Brien! Yeah, there’s definitely an O’Brien. Was he the boss? Or was he the math teacher that writes 2+2=5? I don’t know, who cares? The point is I remembered him! Make sure you write that I remembered O’Brien. 
  • You know, uh, I actually thought it was really cool that George Orwell kind of, I think, made himself a character. Didn’t he? Yeah, okay, I guess to answer your question, George Orwell is my favorite character. He’s gotta be my favorite because he’s the only character that wrote 1984, my favorite book. Off the record: that sounded smart, right? Alright, no more questions.
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