Pitches to replace Google’s outdated “I’m Feeling Lucky” button

I’m Feeling Sensual

I’m Feeling Effervescent

I’m Two Beers Deep And Ready To Buy A Tuxedo

I’m Feeling Greased Up (Good)

I’m Feeling Greased Up (Despondent)

I’m Feeling, Well, I Guess It’s Something I Can Only Describe…In Song! Wellllllllllll—

It Doesn’t Matter What I’m Feeling Please Just Ship A Cost-Effective Handheld Vacuum To My Residence Please Why Did Nobody Tell Me This Is All Life Is

I’m Feeling—Have You Guys Ever Seen That Movie Tron: Legacy? No, Not Tron. The Sequel. With Je—Yeah, With Jeff Bridges. Yeah. Like That Basically.

I’m Three Beers Deep And Ready To Buy A Tuxedo For Dogs

Show Me Lizard Images

Lizards Show Me The Lizards

It’s The Lizard Time For Showing (Me The Lizards)

I Saw A Weird Dog And Am Reporting It To Google

I’m Feeling Ready To Sell My Personal Information

I’m Feeling As The Morning Dew Feels When It Greets The First Tickles Of Heat From The Rising Sun, Helios Spurring His Chariot Of Gold-Flaxen Horses, Onward-Ho, Onward-Ho, High Into The Heavens, His Celestial Passenger Lapping At The Dew, An Embrace Sweeter Than Spring Honeysuckle, So Sweet That The Dew Does Not Care The Sun’s Warm Caress Means Its Fleeting Time On This Blade Of Grass Is Running, Running, Running Out


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