Six clues Chuck Todd is hiding in your utility closet.

1. When you watch Meet the Press, Chuck signs off with “From some rando’s utility closet, I’m Chuck Todd.”

2. Note on front door reads “Hope you don’t mind. Storing giant election map in utility closet. C.T.”

3. At night when everyone goes to bed, youngest son yells out “Goodnight mom, goodnight dad, goodnight Chuck Todd.”

4. All family photos now include crude sharpie drawing of what looks to be a shaved hyena. But could be Chuck Todd.

5. Rachel Maddow takes a moment in the middle of her show every day to address her “kind, utility closet residing friend” whom she “hopes is okay.”

6. When air conditioning goes out, Chuck Todd promises to fix it after interview with House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer.

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