People you may know.

Your ex-boyfriend

11 mutual friends

Your neighbor who wears a MAGA hat

7  mutual friends

That kid from high school who always creeped you out for some reason, even though you can’t quite articulate why

6 mutual friends

Your dentist

2 mutual friends

Your childhood best friend-turned-enemy who you still hold a grudge against

3 mutual friends

The guy you had a crush on for years and made out with once, only to find out he slept with your friend and lied to you about it

34 mutual friends

The guy you talked to at a party who told you he’s a “single-issue voter” and managed to spit on you while talking

9 mutual friends

Someone whose name is vaguely familiar

10 mutual friends

A local business that allegedly sells pottery but is possibly laundering money

14 mutual friends

A guy you think you know but you’re not sure because he has a beard now, did he have a beard before or did he just grow one? 

28 mutual friends

Someone you thought you were already friends with on Facebook

12 mutual friends

A woman you’d like to be friends with but if she doesn’t accept your friend request you’ll be crushed

11 mutual friends

Your former dog walker who seems a little unhinged

6 mutual friends

A baby

No mutual friends

A very well-known body of water

30 mutual friends

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