Suggestions on what to do when the mind worms invade.

1) Stick mints into your ears. The mind-worms are self-conscious about their bad breath and will crawl out in order to retrieve the mints.
2) Have a series of anonymous sexual encounters and then tell your wife that it’s due to being under the influence of the mind-worms.
3) Try to recall as many episodes of Who’s th’ Boss as you possibly can. The mind-worms love that program, and the entertaining memories will distract them from burrowing further into your brain.
4) Enjoy a casual, friendly phone conversation or afternoon at the park with Anne Hathaway or Tom Cruise. Under the regime of the mind-worm, we are all now equals!
5) Vikct cloz, roarsh conf vikct cloz snopsf!  (You’ll understand that one later)

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