Dying Takes Forever 

The One with Grace Jones 

Diamonds Are a Spy’s Best Friend 

The Spy Who Didn’t Love Me Enough to Help Me Stay Alive 

No Time To Die Today—Is Tomorrow All Right? 

For Your Information 

From Russia, With Hugs and Kisses 

Golden Finger Guns

on a cold fall day.

The trees turn a streaky orange,

The river a glassy jade.

I look up into the air and what do I see,

Hundreds– no, millions– of creatures competing to breathe.

So I ask this giant green blue planet, 

When will this acid wear off?

“Surprise!” they said.

Wow, a retirement party. I didn’t have the nerve to say I hadn’t planned to retire today. I hadn’t even saved any money. No one really liked me at the office (secretly I thought they were about to fire me and give me my severance check), but this beautiful gesture more than made up for it.