1. When we asked you for your name, you said “not much, you?” and then vomited
  2. You brought a knife to lazer tag.
  3. We get it, you’re an orphan.
  4. At every party, you insist on “pouring one out for Epstein.”
  5. You are majoring in Lunch.
  6. Your poetry is so bad.
  7. Your autobiography, “I Am The Worst: Reasons Why I Should Not be in a Sorority” was
    pretty good.

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I voted for myself.- George Washington

I voted, and you can quote me on this, for myself. – Ulysses S. Grant

I voted for myself. – Grover Cleveland

While I don’t recall exactly, I probably voted for myself. – Andrew Johnson

Thought about voting for my opponent but then I didn’t. Voted for myself, instead.– John F. Kennedy

Myself.- Andrew Jackson

Did you know I’m from Georgia? I voted for myself. – Jimmy Carter

I did not not vote for myself. – Bill Clinton

Voted for myself and then went to the pharmacy for an Egg Cream. – Chester A. Arthur

Voted for myself. Twice.- Richard Nixon

I voted for myself. Thank you for asking. – Herbert Hoover

Voted for myself. – Warren G. Harding

Yes, I did cast a ballot in the 1857 election, and the ballot I cast, and keep in mind there was more than one candidate, was for myself. – James Buchanan

Myself. – James K. Polk

Myself. – Millard Fillmore

Myself. – Woodrow Wilson

My good friend James “Fuck Master” Monroe. – Joe Biden

Voted for myself. – Theodore Roosevelt